Lisa Schonberg - Signal Fire 2018 Application 



1. Secret Drum Band. 

Photo by Martin C Evans. 2011. Secret Drum Band is my primary musical outlet, and performs my habitat-based compositions. 

Jazz_sheet music.jpg

2. Sheet music for Jazz (Timber Sale)

2015. This is the sheet music for 1 of 5 percussion parts in the song Jazz (Timber Sale). I wrote this composition in response to logging in the Jazz Timber Sale in Mount Hood National Forest for the artist collective Environmental Impact Statement, which I co-directed. 

3. AUDIO: Surface of The Abyss at Ducke. 2017. 

Composed by Lisa Schonberg. Based on passive listening of the penetrating diurnal soundscape of Reserva Adolpho Ducke near Manaus, Brazil, and the dominant and most common elements of this soundscape. Performed by Lisa Schonberg. Recorded and mixed by Anthony Brisson. Released as part of the Labverde 2017 Artist Catalogue. 

4. Writing Sample:

Excerpt from The Hylaeus Project: A Documentation of the Endangered Native Bees of Hawaii

Download here