PATTERN ECOLOGY is a collaborative meta-work with multi-instrumentalist/composer Kristina Dutton. Pattern ecology is an exploration of questions in the intersection of art and science, with a focus on sound, ecology and social engagement. Our work includes composition, field recording, interviews with artists and scientists, and multimedia presentations and events. In August 2019 we will be artists-in-residence at the Dinacon Digital Naturalism conference in Gamboa, Panama.


REARING ANARTIA and COLIAS are two short 8 and 16mm films about the passion of three biologists to explore the biology of butterflies, resurrected from the Smithsonian archives and re-imagined with a soundtrack. Biologist Dr. Arnaud Martin (George Washington University) commissioned Pattern Ecology to compose scores for these spectacular films. The trailer for the films follows:

Video footage courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution Archive.

Rearing Anartia features Silberglied and entomologist Annette Aiello's field research at the Barro Colorado Island field station in Panama, as they were investigating the factors involved in maintaining two distinct species. Colias features Silberglied and Chip Taylor conducting research in alfalfa fields of southwest Arizona that were habitat to incredible densities of butterflies that enabled allowed them to study in depth how females recognize the males of their own species based on ultraviolet coloration. Silberglied's untimely death in a plane crash left behind an undiscovered body of work, including these two research films. Fifty years later, we digitized these two films held in the Smithsonian Institution's archives and added musical scores. These films are an early testimony of how creative scientists intended to communicate their passion for the study of nature to broad audiences. We composed the scores in 2018 as musicians-in-residence at Shotpouch Cabin, hosted by the Spring Creek program at Oregon State University in Corvallis. In April 2019 Spring Creek presented the premiere of the films at OSU. A New York City premiere will be held in the fall of 2019.

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