DYNAMICS album art by Aidan Koch

DYNAMICS album art by Aidan Koch

IS out on XRay records!! 

.............western U.s. tour aug 7-24..............

Here is our first single off the album, dadada: 

Aug 7: Corvallis OR @ Bombs Away with Amenta Abioto & Mike Gamble
Aug 8: Sacramento, CA @ WAL with Drug Apts
Aug 9: San Francisco, CA @ El Rio with Drug Apts + Yolo Biafra (DJ set)
Aug 10: Oakland, CA @ Pro Arts with the Dutton/Nishi-Smith/Otte Trio, Jorge BachmannCheryl Leonard & an Ecology + Music Panel
Aug 11: Ojai, CA at Bryant Warehouse with LA Takedown, My Allowance & Amenta Abioto
Aug 12: Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon with LA Takedown & My Allowance
Aug 13: Santa Ana, CA at LGBT Center with YAAWN
Aug 15: San Diego, CA at Soda Bar with INUS, Necking, Amenta Abioto
Aug 16: Joshua Tree, CA at HELL Warehouse with The Renderers, Amenta Abioto & Nigel Roman
Aug 17: Los Angeles, CA at Spacedust for Echo Park Rising (daytime show)
Aug 18: Salt Lake City, UT at Vague Space with SELFMYTH
Aug 19: Boise, ID at The Olympic with Big Taste and Phantahex
Aug 22: Spokane, WA at The Observatory
Aug 23: Olympia, WA at Obsidian with Nudity and Angel Food
Aug 24: Portland, OR at White Owl Social Club with Notel

Secret Drum Band performs noise & percussion music. Lisa Schonberg formed SDB in Olympia, WA in 2006.

Secret Drum Band’s debut album, Dynamics (XRAY Records, August 2017), sees composers Lisa Schonberg, Allan Wilson, and Heather Treadway delving headway into creating living, breathing soundscapes, rich in rhythmic textures. Driven by five drummers, each song also employs an array of affected vocals, guitar, and synthesizers from noise musicians, often mimicking sounds found in nature.

Stylistically, Secret Drum Band pull from a unique vantage point, drawing allusions from Liquid Liquid, The Creatures, and Crash Worship, as well as the composers’ previous groups Explode Into Colors and !!! (chk chk chk). Dynamics is a vibrant work of serious intent, expertly rendered with a playfully exuberant spark.    

The album’s eight tracks were written in response to locations in the Mojave Desert, logging sites in Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon, and Hawai’i, where Schonberg’s entomology work has helped the native Hylaeus bees attain endangered species status. "Kīpukapuaulu’s" vibrant polyrhythmic cadences insinuate an endless vortex of bird calls, while the cacophonous tension of "Jazz (Timber Sale)" simultaneously evokes the complexity of the forest flora and the anxiety of approaching logging trucks. “For us, music is the most publicly effective (and personally healing) vehicle to make statements about environmental issues,” adds Schonberg.

 Secret Drum Band’s live performances are transportive, an opportune meditation on the relationships between humans, ecology and music. All pieces are  carefully scored by Schonberg and Wilson, allowing each musician to realize the complex and intricate arrangements in a live setting. Dynamics aptly captures this concentrated effort , allowing sharp details to roar within the thunder of the drums.

 “They’re not simply playing a show, they’re creating an immersive experience that lasts for a moment, then dissolves, creating a hypnotic alternate reality for all who bear witness to it.” —The Oregonian

 Secret Drum Band will begin touring in summer 2017 in support of Dynamics with drummers Pieter Hilton (Typhoon), Anthony Brisson (Psychomagic), and sound artist Marcus Fischer (12K). Please email for booking and press inquiries.

 Dynamics features performances from Sam Humans, Alison Clarys, Sara Lund, Marisa Anderson, Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox Through Water), Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun), and Jose Medeles (1939 Ensemble). SDB has performed at High Desert Test Sites, The Henry Gallery, MOCA Tucson, and the Portland Museum of Modern Art.

Past SDB members include: Costume designer & composer Heather Treadway, drummers Clea Partridge, Ben Tyler, Vittoria Buttarini, Aidan Koch, Trina Shaghafi, Susan Lucia, Grayson Fiske, Papi Fimbres, Rachel Blumberg (M.Ward/Arch Cape), sts (STLS/Haggard), Dana Valatka (AU), Matthew Berger, and noise musicians Marisa Anderson, Tara Jane Oneil, Sean Sumler, Niles Armstrong (Worn Path/Oak Rot), & Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox Through Water). 

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SECRET DRUM BAND is currently booking west coast & east coast tours in support of our upcoming full length release on XRAY RECORDS, DYNAMICS. Please email if you'd like to inquire about booking us for a performance.
DYNAMICS album art by Richart

DYNAMICS album art by Richart