Chavruta: A Drummer's Bat Mitzvah

CHAVRUTA: A DRUMMER'S BAT MITZVAH is a new project with Alicia Jo Rabins. It is a collaborative process and ritual performance that explores the place of ceremony in contemporary life and its power to integrate art, activism, and spirituality. We are exploring themes of heritage, ritual, feminism, and pedagogy. This work is partially funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. 


I have an exciting announcement of a project that has been in the works for some time (and borrowing some of Alicia's words here): Me and Alicia Jo Rabins did this crazy project called Chavruta: A Drummer's Bat Mitzvah where she taught me how to chant Torah and I taught her how to drum and I had a bat mitzvah in her yard and we thought about what it means to be two 40-year-old feminist ladies who want to keep learning and growing our whole lives.

Jodi Darby made an awesome 15-minute documentary short film about our collaboration. We are doing a preview screening and Q&A next Thursday 2/8 at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education from 12-1. Bring lunch if you want. Admission is free!

Thank you to Chuck Masi, who did some post-production and made this trailer and the Regional Arts & Culture Council, who made it all possible with a grant!

We plan to submit this for some film festivals (Jewish, feminist, etc) and know nothing about that world so please feel free to share suggestions with us!