secret drum band: audio

MOUNT HOOD LIVE. Recorded by Into the Woods, 2011. Performed by Tara Jane Oneil, Marisa Anderson, Clea Partridge, Heather Treadway, sts, Rachel Blumberg, and Lisa Schonberg. Music written by Lisa Schonberg and based on soundscapes in a meadow in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon. 

Recordings of live performance at Holocene, Portland, OR. Music composed by Lisa Schonberg based on soundscapes and movement in native Hawaiian Hylaeus bee habitats. Performed by Heather Treadway, Marisa Anderson, Sara Lund, Trina Shaghafi, Benjamin Tyler, Lisa Schonberg & Aidan Koch. 
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CURRENT EVENTS: OUR TOUR EP. Curly Cassettes, 2016. 

Our limited-edition tour EP CURRENT EVENTS was available at our summer 2016 shows. It featured four songs, plus a sound collage of recordings of Oxbow Springs, a publicly-owned water source in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Nestle wants to bottle and sell Oxbow's water, but we think that is a terrible idea. 
Here is the sound collage from that album: